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Information and resources about health issues of general interest is provided below:
EMERGENCY SITUATIONS - Information & Resources
Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis Australia: Information about the potentially lethal outcomes of food allergies. 
Anaphylaxis NSW Health Dept: Information about allergies & anaphylaxis. 
Meningococcal Disease Meningitis Trust: Emergency information about how to recognise the symptoms of meningitis. 
STRESS, MOODS & SLEEP - Homoeopathic Treatment
YouTube talk Video presentation: talk by psychiatrist Dr Mahesh Ghandi about homoeopathy & depression. 
Depression Clinical trial: homoeopathy for treating moderate to severe depression [Oct 2009] 
Postnatal Depression Article: About the homoeopathic treatment of PND, in the Age Newpaper [21/3/2010] 
Mental healthcare Book review: homoeopathy in mental healthcare 
STRESS, MOODS & SLEEP - Information & Resources
Beyond Blue National depression initiative - information on depression & anxiety, and where to get help.  
Youth Help Information about depression & anxiety for young people. 
Men's Health Support for men with family or relationship problems.  
Depression Information on depression & bipolar disorder.  
Social Anxiety Information on social anxiety & panic attacks.  
ALLERGIES - Homoeopathic Treatment
Video about Eczema The Queen's homoeopath, Dr Peter Fisher, talks about treating eczema [YouTube clip] 
Clinical Evidence Homoeopathic treatment of asthma: clinical evidence, Glasgow Hosp.  
Insect Bites & Stings It pays to have a homťopathic first aid kit handy when outdoors.  
Common allergies Allergy to dust mites, animals & paspalum.  
Allergies & Intolerances Homťopathic treatments may reduce sensitivities.  
Hayfever (rhinitis) Current research into use of homoeopathy & hayfever.  
Mosquito Bites Severe reaction to bites.  
Asthma Homoeopathy for asthma.  
ALLERGIES - Information & Resources
Allergy Information Anaphylaxis Australia: Information about food & skin allergies, and other severe allergies. 
Asthma National Asthma Council of Australia: Information about asthma.  
Food intolerances Food Intolerances: Practical solutions to food intolerance difficulties. 
Eczema Better Health Channel: Eczema explained. 
Acne Dr. Helen Arthurton (dermatologist): Information about acne and its treatment. 
AUTISM and ADHD - Homoeopathic Treatment
Autism Homoeopathic treatment of autism spectrum disorders - Part 1 (Article from Similia - Dec 2007) 
Autism Homoeopathic treatment of autism spectrum disorders - Part 2 (Article from Similia - June 2008)  
ADHD - Research Results (July 2005) A double blinded placebo controlled study of individualised homoeopathic treatment of ADHD.  
Autism treatment Dr Tinus Smits' homoeopathic protocol for the treatment of autism. 
MUSCULOSKELETAL HEALTH - Homoeopathic Treatment
Arthritis Homoeopathy for arthritis & rheumatism - by Dr Peter Fisher.  
Elderly Treatment of musculoskeletal issues of the elderly - German & Swiss observational study.  
Joint Problems Joint pains from various forms of arthritis. 
Muscle & Joint Muscle & joint problems, and treating severe aches & pains.  
Musculoskeletal Musculoskeletal complaints improve with homeopathy  
Rheumatology Reumatology and other musculoskeletal complaints ľ summary of publications  
Sports Injuries Treatment options for a range of sporting injuries.  
Arthritis Australia What is arthritis & information about common forms of arthritis.  
Pregnancy Musculoskeletal changes and pain during pregnancy.  
Sporting injuries Risk factors & injuries associated with various sporting activities.  
The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic Descriptions of the anatomy & physiology of sporting injuries.  
WOMENS' HEALTH - Information & Resources
Homoeopathy & Lactation An insight into the conditions that homoeopaths could treat from pre-pregnancy through to childhood. 
Milk Matters Online resource on lactation issues. 
Women's Health Issues Practical health and lifestyle approaches for women - The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women's Health. 
Homoeopathy for Women's Problems An evidence-based article describing the use of homoeopathy for women's problems. 
GENERAL HEALTH ISSUES - Information & Resources
Better Health Channel Health & medical 'fact-sheets' for consumers on numerous health conditions.