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The prevention of infectious disease remains one of the most difficult areas of medicine, with no perfect solution in sight. The term homoeopathic vaccination is a misnomer. Vaccination, a well understood medical term, relies on antibody formation. Homoeopathic medicines do not rely on antibody formation. They affect the patient’s initial pre-disposition to an illness, rather than the antibody/antigen reaction. There is a long history in homoeopathy of disease prevention, using minuscule doses of the disease material for disease protection. When a homoeopathic medicine is given to help protect the patient against infectious diseases, the correct description is “Homoeoprophylaxis”.

Practitioners have a duty of care to educate patients regarding the various options available for disease prevention and to ensure that patients make informed choices in such matters.

A range of reference information regarding vaccination & immunisation issues is provided below from a variety of sources:

Homoeoprophylaxis Position Statement Practitioner registration board (AROH) position statement on Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis. 
Brazilian Clinical Trials (1998) Homoeoprophylaxis - Use of Meningococcinum 
Brazilian Clinical Trials (1998) A clinical trial for prevention of meningococcal disease in 65,826 people [published in 2001] 
Cuban Experience (2008) Use of homoeoprophylaxis for prevention of leptospirosis in 2.4 million people in Cuba [Dec 2008]