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Useful journals about homťopathy and other areas of medical research are available online. A list of such resources is provided below:
Overseas Subscriptions to Similia Application Form - you must save the form first, then complete & send as email attachment. 
Author guidelines Author guidelines for Similia, the Journal of the Australian Homoeopathic Association. 
Similia Index An index of all articles published in Similia between 1998 and the present time. 
Sample, Dec 2006 Edition Dr Isaac Golden: Homoeopaths & the Law of Similars [long pdf download] 
Sample, June 2007 Edition Carol Boyce: Science Catches up with Homoeopathy [long pdf download] 
Sample, Dec 2007 Edition Fran Sheffield: Homoeopathy & the treatment of autism spectrum disorders - PART 1 [large pdf]  
Sample, June 2008 Edition Fran Sheffield: Homoeopathy & the treatment of autism spectrum disorders - PART 2 [large pdf]  
Homeopathy - Faculty of Hom (UK) The Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy - Editor Dr Peter Fisher 
High Dilution Research International Journal of High Dilution Research [a free online journal]  
New Scientist For details of latest scientific research in all areas of endeavour 
New England Journal of Homoeopathy Offers a variety of thought-provoking articles of cases, materia medica and philosophy. 
InterHomeopathy International Homoeopathic Internet Journal  
Advanced Homoeopathy An e-journal in homoeopathy  
Homoeopathy 4 Everyone A popular online source of articles & information about homoeopathy 
'Homoeopathy 4 Everyone' - Free online journal Subscribe to the free on-line journal containing articles by prominent homoeopaths worldwide. 
'Health & Homoeopathy' An informative source of information on a wide range of ailments - British Homoeopathic Association 
BHA Newsletter Subscribe to Email newsletter of the British Homoeopathic Association