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Details of overseas seminars and conferences are provided below:
India & UK- Allen College of Homoeopathy Intensive Clinical Training in India with Dr Subrata Banerjea [also via video link]. 
Netherlands - Alonnissos Seminars organised by Alonnissos - a foundation coordinated by Jan Scholten 
Netherlands - Hahnemann Institute Training sessions, seminars in classical homoeopathy - coordinated by Alize Timmerman 
India - ICR Group of Organisations Offers intensive programs in homoeopathy 
India - Advanced Homeopathy The clinic of Dr Parimal Banerji & his system of 'Advanced Homeopathy' 
Himalayas - Dinesh Chauhan 12th - 13th May 2014: - Himalayan Sensation Seminar 
Himalayas - Dinesh Chauhan 14th - 17th May 2014: - Advancements in Case Witnessing process 
MEETING POINT Paths to the Simillimum 6th - 8th June 2014: - by Pinnacle Seminars & WISH (World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy) 
RETREAT - Clinical Homoeopathy in Nepal 27th Dec 2014 18th Jan 2015: - with Dr Rajesh Pradhanang in Kathmandu 
2015 THE BALI PROJECT, UBUD, BALI 22nd - 28th June 2015: - Speaker submissions are open