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Codex The Codex Alimentarius Commission's website 
Codex (4 July 2005) Final Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements (VMS Guidelines) - Rome,4 July 2005  
EU Directive (13 July 2005) European food supplements directive & the European Court of Justice decision - effective 1/8/2005 
WHO views WHO (World Health Organisation) [for views on Codex, insert Codex as a search item on home page] 
FAO views FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) - [use Codex as search item] 
FDA views FDA (Food & Drug Administration), USA views about Codex [enter Codex as a search item on home page] 
TGA view TGA Statement about Codex 
Dept of Agriculture Department of Agriculture involvement in Codex 
CHC view Complementary Healthcare Council (CHC) views on Codex 
CHC view Some more facts about Codex 
Journ of Complementary Medicine (May/June 2005) A commentary by Prof Stephen Myers re Codex & conspiracy theories [JCM 4.3 May 2005]