Introduction to AHA

  • Origins and Objectives

    The Australian Homœopathic Association Inc (AHA) was formed in 1995 from the merger of the New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria/Tasmania branches of the Australian Federation of Homœopaths, the Australian Society of Homœopaths (Queensland), and the Oceanic Homœopathic Research Foundation (Western Australia), but its origins date from 1946 with the Australian Institute of Homœopathy. In 1997 further mergers were agreed with the Australian Federation of Homœopaths in Queensland and in Western Australia, and with the Homœopathic Association of New South Wales.

    The AHA is the only national homœopathic association representing professionals in Australia and is a founding member of the International Council for Homœopathy (ICH).

    Supporting choice, integrity and professional standards in health care.


    Homœopaths embracing innovation and teamwork in professional health care environments and contributing to developments in health care through collaborative practice.

    Mission Statement

    The AHA seeks to:

    • Actively support the growth and integration of homœopathy into Australia’s health care
    • Lead change with confidence
    • Participate in and promote appropriate research
    • Establish and foster collaborative relationships
    • Provide education and information to members and the public
    • Facilitate exceptional Professional Development opportunities
    • Facilitate and grow member participation at all levels of the organisation
    • Ensure members are reliably and regularly informed on issues pertinent to their professional practice


    • Transparency, accountability & integrity
    • Fairness and respect for diversity
    • Teamwork and a collaborative approach
    • A commitment to lifelong learning, mentoring & advocacy
    • Innovation
    • Open communication and participation

  • Structure

    The AHA is run by elected Professional members.

    State Branch Committees are elected annually and nominate a member as the State Branch representative on National Council.

    National Council is the governing body and consists of one member from each State Branch (6 year term) plus three members elected by national ballot (2 year term which can be extended twice to a maximum of 6 years). National Council meets twice a year at a rotating venue.

  • Membership

    The AHA currently offers two categories of membership:

    • Professional Membership - Professional membership is available to practitioners who have current registration with the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH).
    • General Membership - Available to students or practitioners of homœopathy, or to interested members of the general public.
    • Contact the National Office for further information about membership.
  • How the AHA works for its members . . .

    • Advancing the study and practice of homœopathy. In 1999 the AHA completed an extensive process of consultation with other homœopathic associations to arrive at the National Competency Standards for Homœopathy (NCSH). This has served to unite the profession as never before and was the basis for the establishment of a national registration board for professional homœopaths, the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH).

      In 2002 the NCSH were incorporated into a Government-endorsed Health Training Package, to provide a new national training framework for health service delivery.

      The Health Training Package is the profession's definition of the current practice of homœopathy in Australia. It identifies areas in which homœopaths should be competent and sets the standard for education and assessment. It is regularly reviewed by the profession under the supervision of the Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC).
    • Protecting the interests of homœopaths. In conjunction with other homœopathic associations, the AHA has participated in a successful campaign to obtain provider status for homœopaths with private health insurers. At present the majority of private health insurers provide rebates on consultations by AROH-registered homœopaths.
    • Raising the profile of homœopathy. The AHA actively promotes the profile of homœopathy within the community. Activities include public presentations, advertisements in cinema and radio, articles in magazines etc. With increasing frequency the media, Government and regulators are contacting the AHA as the definitive source of information regarding homœopathy and the homœopathic profession.
    • Advocacy to Government and regulatory bodies. The AHA consistently provides responses on behalf of the homœopathic profession to enquiries from the Government and regulatory bodies, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
    • Providing continuing education for homœopaths. The AHA provides a regular program of webinars, seminars & workshops by leading local and international presenters to enable members to keep abreast of developments in the profession.
    • Promoting unity within the profession. In 1997 the AHA merged with several other homœopathic associations and continues to work closely with all groups for the advancement of homœopathy.

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