Vaccination Issues

The prevention of infectious disease remains one of the most difficult areas of medicine, with no perfect solution in sight. The term homœopathic vaccination is a misnomer. Vaccination, a well understood medical term, relies on antibody formation. Homœopathic medicines do not rely on antibody formation. They affect the patient's initial pre-disposition to an illness, rather than the antibody/antigen reaction. There is a long history in homœopathy of disease prevention, using minuscule doses of the disease material for disease protection. When a homœopathic medicine is given to help protect the patient against infectious diseases, the correct description is "Homœoprophylaxis".

Practitioners have a duty of care to educate patients regarding the various options available for disease prevention and to ensure that patients make informed choices in such matters.

The AHA endorses and abides by the Australian Register of Homœopaths' (AROH) Statement on the use of homœopathic medicines for prophylaxis.

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