World Homœopathy Awareness Week

Every year members of the AHA throughout Australia join with homœopaths worldwide to celebrate the anniversary of the birthday of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homœopathy, born on 10th April 1755. National Council of the AHA coordinates a week-long series of activities to promote public awareness of homœopathy.

The theme for the Awareness Week in 2015 is "Homoeopathy: minor ailments'.


The AHA National Council has once again sponsored an 8-page colour supplement as an insert in the Feb 2015 issue of  ‘WellBeing’ magazine [Edition No155], which is distributed throughout Australia.  It explains homœopathy, the credentials of homœopaths in Australia, World Homœopathy Awareness Week (WHAW), provides case studies of homœopathic treatment and listings of all Professional Members of the AHA in Australia.


Local Events by AHA Professional members:

8 April, 9.15am - Bundaberg (Qld) Baptist family day care:
       Tamar Boas will give a talk about homœopathy as part of "Active Kids" program.


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