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AHA QLD - First Aid and/or CPR plus: 'Unravelling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' with Jon Gamble
Kenmore Village Shopping Village, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, QLD
Starts at: 08:00 AM

The Australian Homoeopathic Association, Queensland Branch, Professional Development Day will be held on 22nd February 2015. The first part of the session is Senior First Aid for those needing to renew their certificate. The second part of the session is a CPR update for all attendees. When that is done, you are welcome to stay for lunch and then attend our afternoon session from 1pm to 5pm.

The focus of Jon Gamble's workshop is on long-standing cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). These are the patients who come into your clinic having tried everything and you don’t know where to start. Even detailed sifting through the patient’s history can fail to highlight the cause. Conventional medical tests invariably fail to show any anomalies. Jon will summarise the main causes of CFS before walking you through a number of different CFS cases, demonstrating how he found the causes and what he did to improve the patients' health. This workshop will also demonstrate Spectrophotometry using a state of the art device called Oligoscan, which detects heavy metals even in those patients who are “non-excretors”. This workshop is designed for students or practitioners who have completed either of these seminars:

  • Demystifying Chronic Disease: Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection, or
  • Toxicity 101 Webinar

If you have not completed either of these, you will gain more from this session by reading: Mastering Homoeopathy 3: Obstacles to Cure: Toxicity, Deficiency and Infection.

For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0418 184 702.

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AHA NSW - 'Children’s Cases: Developing Flexibility in Case Taking' with Keith Avedissian
Crows Nest Community Centre, Fuller Hall, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest, NSW
Starts at: 09:30 AM

7 CPD points

In this seminar, Keith will take you through a number of illustrative children’s video cases demonstrating the different ways in which we can be flexible in identifying the remedy. In some cases it might be through their physical state, their mental state, by the use of the kingdoms/periodic table or a combination of them all. In each case it will depend on how you are able to utilise the symptoms the child gives to help arrive at the simillimum.

EmailContact Lee Formica - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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AHA SA - 'THE LACS: A Kingdom Filled With Diversity' with Patricia Hatherly
The Box Factory, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide
Starts at: 09:00 AM

Although Patricia offers classical homœopathic treatment for individual complaints of people of all ages with all manner of conditions, because of her unique combination of clinical skills in lactation as well as homœopathy, she has a particular interest and expertise in treating women and children, especially babies (most commonly with respect to colic and reflux). Lac remedies play a significant part in practice.

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Homœopathy: Minor Ailments – April 10-16, 2015

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