Overseas Events

The Bali Project 2015 “Much More Than A Seminar”
Campuhan College, Jalan Raya Campuhan, Ubud, Bali
Starts at: 08:31 AM

The emphasis of this seminar is about utilising a rare opportunity to engage with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. By learning from other practitioners' years of practice, increase your own working knowledge during this five-day seminar. The Bali Project is about expanding knowledge, alleviating isolation, networking, strengthening and supporting practitioners of homeopathy – and having fun.

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World Homœopathy Awareness Week


Homœopathy for Men's Health – April 10-16, 2014

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AHMC National Conference

AHMC National Conference

The Professional Members of the Australian Homœopathic Association (AHA) in Tasmania are proud to host the 9th Australian Homœopathic Medicine Conference at the Mercure Hadleys, Hobart, Tasmania, from 24–26 October 2014.

The conference theme is 'Grass Roots Homoeopathy: Back to Basics'... read more

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