Government Regulations

A selection of Government regulations defining and controlling homoeopathy.

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Download PDF HLT07 Health Training Package (Version 5.0) is still current for homœopathy

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Definition of 'unregistered healthcare practitioner'

An unregistered healthcare practitioner is a practitioner who is not required to be registered under legislation or who provides health services that are unrelated to their registration. Examples include homœopaths, naturopaths, psychotherapists and therapeutic masseurs.

Most complementary medicine professions are self-regulating by providing their own registration body. This body sets educational standards according to Government guidelines and imposes a Code of Conduct on its registrants.

All AHA Professional members are registered with the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH) and abide by the register's Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice. AROH registration requires that practitioners are qualified to the educational national standard, have on-going professional indemnity and public liability insurance, hold a current first aid certificate and undergo regular practitioner development.

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