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We welcome applications for membership from practitioners, students, and members of the public who have an interest in homœopathy and wish to promote the use of homœopathy in Australia.

The AHA currently offers two categories of membership:

  • General membership: Open to those people or organisations who are not eligible to become a Professional member.

    This category may include:
    • Practitioners of other modalities with an interest in homœopathy.
    • Overseas practitioners.
    • Libraries.
    • Organisations such as homœopathic colleges, and homœopathic suppliers.
    • Members of the general public who are interested in homœopathy and wish to support the aims of the AHA in promoting homœopathy in Australia.
    • Students of homœopathy.

      Students: Students enrolled in courses in homœopathy at registered training organisations are eligible for a generous discount on membership fees. Students must provide evidence of enrolment as a trainee homœopath at a college or tertiary facility. This evidence must accompany your application and at every annual membership renewal.

  • Professional membership: Professional membership is available to practitioners who have current registration with the Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH) website:
If you have any queries about membership, contact the relevant Branch Secretary or the National Administrator. [Contact details for Branch Secretaries, and the National Administrator may be found in the "Contact Us" option on this screen]