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History of Homoeopathy

History of Homoeopathy

Homœopathy came to Australia in the 1840s. The history of homœopathy in Australia can be summarised into timelines of the key events in various parts of the country...
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AHA Media Release & NHMRC Response

Press Release

  Open Letter from the AHA to the NHMRC

  Response Letter from the NHMRC to the AHA


Following the NHMRC's publication, on 11 March 2015, of its 'Information Paper  Evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy for treating health conditions' and 'Statement on Homeopathy' the AHA has issued the above open letter / media release to Professor Warrick Anderson, CEO of the NHMRC.

This document is also the AHA's official media release.

The UK Homeopathic Research Institute assisted the AHA in 2014 to write a response to the NHMRC on their draft report. You can find their comments following the NHMRC's Information Paper here... and the response document from 2014 here...

Read more at the 'NHMRC Information Paper' tab on our Home page.