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Details of general resource information about homťopathy are provided below:

Homoeopathy Home An excellent starting point for finding out more about homoeopathy 
Homoeopathy Community A general source of information about homoeopathy for students & consumers. 
Whole Health Now General information about homoeopathy. 
Dana Ullman General information about homoeopathy. 
Dana Ullman
*** NEW
Video explanation of the logic of homoeopathic medicine & homoeopathic thinking. 
Homoeopathy Vs Homeopathy The spelling and meaning of the word homoeopathy / homeopathy  
Source Materials A database of plants & fungi used in homoeopathy 
Latest Issues in Homoeopathy British Homoeopathic Association 
George Vithoulkas An information resource detailing George Vithoulkas' views on homoeopathy.  
National Centre for Homeopathy - USA Latest research & information about homoeopathy. 
European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH) Information about homoeopathy in Europe & UK, along with recent research results in homoeopathy. 
International Council For Homeopathy (ICH) International professional platform representing the practice of homoeopathy around the world