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Answers to frequently-asked-questions about homœopathy for journalists, researchers, students and interested members of the general public may be obtained from the resources listed below
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Media Kit 1 FAQs: What is homoeopathy, conditions it can treat, risks, vaccination issues, standards.  
Media Kit 2 Facts & figures about the worldwide use of homoeopathy, including Australia. 
Media Kit 3 FAQs answered by European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH) [Sep 2009] 
Evidence The meaning of ‘Evidence-based medicine’ in complementary therapies.  
Placebo Effects Placebo effects in RCTs in homeopathy NOT LARGER than in conventional medicine [Mar 2010] 
Veterinary Homoeopathy as replacement to antibiotics in the case of diarrhoea in neonatal piglets [Jan 2010] 
Veterinary UK homoeopath finalist in Farmer's Weekly 'Livestock Adviser of Year Award 2010' [30 July 2010] 
Homoeopathy History of homoeopathy in Australia, and current status. 
Homoeopathy Vs Homeopathy The spelling & meaning of the word 'homoeopathy' Vs 'homeopathy' 
Health Fund Recognition Listing of health funds providing rebates on homoeopathic consults by registered practittioners. 
Latest Research
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Updates on latest research in homoeopathy [updated automatically] 
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Celebrities world-wide who use & endorse homoeopathy. 
Critique Critique of the UK House of Commons review of homoeopathy - review committee biased. 
BHA Comments The British Homeopathic Association's responses to UK House of Commons Report [1-3 Mar 2010] 
NHS Funding NHS to continue funding the Glasgow Homeopathic Hosopital [25 Feb 2010] 
User comments Comments from users of homoeopathy - UK media article from 'The Independent' [26 Feb 2010] 
UK Protest video Supporters of homoeopathy protest at the British Medical Association conference on 29 June 2010.  
UK News UK Government defends right to homoeopathy on the NHS [26 July 2010] 
UK Govt Response Government response to 'Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy', refuting inquiry findings [26 July 2010] 
Status Worldwide Current status of homoeopathy in various countries throughout the world. 
Status in Europe Public acceptance of homoeopathy in European countries & India [10 Feb 2010] 
Status in Israel A report on the status of homoeopathy in Israel by Vera Resnick [May 2010] 
Alternative Nobel Prize (1996) Awarded to G Vithoulkas for contributions to homoeopathic knowledge. 
Cost savings with Homoeopathy in Belgium (2004) A study comparing the efficacy and cost of homoeopathic treatment Vs conventional treatment. 
British NHS Experience with Homoeopathy Results of studies of patients treated at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital. 
Patient Satisfaction (2008) A Swiss observational study comparing homoeopathy and conventional medicine, including side-effects. 
Primary Care & Homoeopathy (2008) Proposal to integrate homoeopathy into primary care in the UK. 
Australian use of Alternative Medicine (2002) Trends in the prevalence & cost of alternative medicines & practitioner use in Australia. 
Australian Workforce Survey (2004) A workforce survey of Naturopathic & Western Herbal Medicine practice in Australia. 
ABS Report (2008) Australian Bureau of Statistics: Statistics on the uptake of complementary therapies in Australia.