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Details of research in homœopathy including extensive references to recent clinical trials, double-blinded placebo controlled studies of individualised homœopathic treatments, research into the properties of water, meta-analyses of research and more are provided below:
Research Summary
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Updates on latest research in homoeopathy [updated automatically] 
Research links
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154 studies in support of homeopathy medicine published in 71 peer-reviewed international journals. 
Research links
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Link to research studies from various sources 
Recent Research (1) Recent Clinical Trials of Homoeopathy. 
Recent Research (2) More Clinical Trials of Homoeopathy. 
Research Update 2009 Summary for 2009 by the NHS in the UK, of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, RCTs and other studies. 
Evidence update 2010 2010 annual NHS evidence update on homoeopathy. 
ENHR Research Summary [Aug 2009] An overview of positive research in homoeopathy by the ENHR 
BHA Clinical research British Homeopathic Association - summary of clinical research supporting homoeopathy 
Trials - April 2009 Results of pathogenetic trials produce different symptoms to placebo. 
Depression - Oct 2009 A Trial of Homeopathy for Moderate to Severe Depression - Oct 2009 
ECCH - Sept 2009 Latest research findings on the homoeopathic treatment of fibromyalgia.  
National Library for Health - UK Systematic reviews & meta-analyses of the use of homoeopathy in a wide range of disorders. 
Research in Homoeopathy British Homoeopathic Library (Glasgow) - dedicated to homoeopathy, with over 25,000 references 
Clinical trials Controlled clinical trials in homoeopathy worldwide - British Homoeopathic Library (Glasgow) 
British Hom Assn - Faculty of Homoeopathy Up-to-date evidence based research in homoeopathy by registered healthcare professionals. 
Cochrane Library The world's most respected online health database for current information & clinical trial reviews 
Cancer treatments Cochrane Library - Homoeopathic medicines for adverse effects of cancer treatments. 
Research into Homoeopathy NCH - USA Access to abstracts from selected journal articles, controlled and laboratory studies etc 
Cost savings with Homoeopathy in Belgium (2004) A study comparing the efficacy and cost of Homoeopathic treatment Vs conventional treatment (pdf) 
Scientific Report - ECH (Nov 2004) Evidence profile for the efficacy of homoeopathy, based on the body of homoeopathic research. 
British NHS Experience with Homoeopathy (2005) Results of a study of 6,500 patients treated at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, published in 2005. 
Evidence-based homoeopathy (2008) A paper from: International Journal of High Dilution Research, v7, issue 23, p28-50, June 2008. 
Patient Satisfaction (2008) A Swiss observational study comparing homoeopathy and conventional medicine, including side-effects. 
Long-term Health Results of a long-term study of the health of chronically ill patients after homoeopathic treatment 
Evidence listing Homoeopathy in human, animal, plant & in-vitro scientific studies. 
Aurum Project: not for profit organisation. The Aurum Project is dedicated to research into behavioral issues in children. 
Miasm Research Details of research into miasms by Grant Bentley. 
ADHD - Research Results (July 2005) A double blinded placebo controlled study of individualised homoeopathic treatment of ADHD. 
C4 Trituration of Lac Humanum (2005) C4 Trituration of Lac humanum in Brisbane - 23rd to 24th July 2005.  
Homoeopathy for Women's Problems (2007) An evidence-based article outlining the use of homoeopathy for women's problems. 
Homoeopathy Research Institute An organisation dedicated to research in homoeopathy - view recent publications & news here. 
Sleep research Effects of homoeopathic medicines on polysomnographic sleep [22 March 2010] 
Evidence Levels in Research The meaning of ‘Evidence-based medicine’ in complementary therapies.  
New theory A new quantum theory to explain homoeopathy [Feb 2010]. 
Nobel Laureate
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Nobel Laureate provides new insight into homoeopathy [5 July 2010]. 
Proving Guidelines 2nd Edition of ECCH Guidelines for homoeopathic provings. 
Dr Jacques Benveniste Details of research into the properties of water by the late Dr Jacques Benveniste. 
Dr Benveniste Video Dr Jacques Benveniste's research into of the 'memory of water' phenomenon in homoeopathy [Part 1] 
Dr Benveniste Video Dr Jacques Benveniste's memory of water experiment detailed [Part 2] 
Dr Masaru Emoto - (1999 ---> Ongoing) Recent pioneering work on the properties of water using Magnetic Resonance Analysis on ice crystals. 
New Scientist - (Nov 2001) German chemist Kurt Geckeler and his colleague Shashadhar Samal discover unusual dilution effects 
Thermoluminescence - Louis Rey (Dec 2002) Thermoluminescence of ultra-high dilutions of lithium chloride & sodium chloride.  
New Scientist - (June 2003) Latest research findings on the nature of hydrogen bonds in water by Swiss chemist Louis Rey 
Prof Rustum Roy - (Sept 2005) The structure of liquid water & relevance to homoeopathy [Materials Research Innovations] 
Electrical properties of high dilutions (2008) The Electrical Properties of High Dilutions - Cyril Smith, Homeopathy Vol 97, 3 (July 2008) 
Electrical properties of high dilutions (2008) Electrical impedance & HV plasma images - R Assumpcao, Homeopathy Vol 97,3 (July 2008) 
Dilutions Physicochemical properties of homoeopathic solutions different to those of pure solvent [May 2009] 
Potentisation Domains of water molecules provide mechanisms for potentisation in homoeopathy [Jan 2010] 
BBC TV Horizon Program Rebuttal Comments on flawed methodology used in 2002 BBC TV HORIZON test of Homoeopathy [& ABC TV CATALYST] 
Prof Ennis - Queens University Belfast (2002) Blinded university trials with histamines confirm the results disputed in BBC TV HORIZON Program.  
Dr Vithoulkas' challenge Tricks used to evade Dr Vithoulkas' proposed experiment to show biological effect of homoeopathy 
GIRI research group A group dedicated to research on very low dose & high dilution effects. 
High Dilution Research International Journal of High Dilution Research 
Polish Research Influence of very low doses of mediators on fungal laccase activity - Sept 2009 
Cancer Research Investigating the effects of homeopathic preparations on human cancer cell lines - May 2010 
Ultra-high dilutions (2008) The effect of homoeopathically prepared thyroxine on frogs. 
Lancet Report (Aug 2005): A Critique A critique of methodological issues in the 2005 Lancet report on Homoeopathy by Shang et al. 
Lancet Report (17 Nov 2007) A critical 2007 report on the status of homoeopathy in the NHS in the UK. 
Lancet Report - ECH Response (19 Nov 2007) ECH (European Council of Homoeopathy) response to the 2007 Lancet report, with detailed analysis. 
Lancet Report - (13 Nov 2008) Two new studies show serious flaws in the Lancet review.