About the AHA

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Our Vision

The AHA is the recognised peak body and public voice of homœopathy in Australia. 

Through its leadership, it promotes, supports and protects quality homœopathic care.

Our Mission

  • Support the growth and integration of homœopathy in Australia
  • Promote robust research
  • Establish strategic relationships
  • Provide useful information to the public about homœopathy
  • Provide quality professional development opportunities
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders

Our Values

Integrity – we do what we say we will do

Diligence – thoroughness in all activities

Proactive – we are active in pursuing the vision and mission of the AHA

Aims & objectives

The Australian Homœopathic Association (AHA) is the largest and only national association of professional homœopaths in Australia, with branches throughout the country, and is a founding member of the International Council for Homeopathy (ICH).

The AHA seeks to:

  • Actively support the growth and integration of homœopathy into Australia’s health care system

  • Provide political and governmental representation regarding issues affecting the homœopathic profession
  • Participate in and promote appropriate research

  • Establish and foster collaborative relationships within the complementary healthcare sector

  • Provide education and information to members and the public

  • Facilitate and provide professional development opportunities

  • Facilitate and grow member participation at all levels of the organisation

  • Ensure members are reliably and regularly informed on issues pertinent to their professional practice

Our values:

  • Transparency, accountability & integrity

  • Fairness and respect for diversity

  • Teamwork and a collaborative approach

  • A commitment to lifelong learning, mentoring & advocacy

  • Open communication and participation


All AHA Professional members are registered with the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH). They abide by the register's Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice and the AHA's Code of Ethics and Practice. AROH registration requires that practitioners are qualified to the national standard, have on-going professional indemnity and public liability insurance, hold a current first aid certificate and undergo regular practitioner development.

As AROH registered homœopaths AHA Professional members qualify as providers for private health funds and, depending on the level of insurance and individual health funds' conditions, rebates are provided by the following health funds: (link to health funds on AROH site)

Organisational structure

The AHA is run by elected Professional members.

State Branch Committees exist in a number of states. They are elected annually and nominate a member as the State Branch representative on the AHA's National Council.

National Council is the governing body and consists of one member from each State Branch plus a number of members elected by national ballot.


The Australian Homœopathic Association Inc (AHA) was formed in 1995 from the merger of the New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria/Tasmania branches of the Australian Federation of Homœopaths, the Australian Society of Homœopaths (Queensland), and the Oceanic Homœopathic Research Foundation (Western Australia), but its origins date from 1946 with the Australian Institute of Homœopathy. In 1997 further mergers were agreed with the Australian Federation of Homœopaths in Queensland and in Western Australia, and with the Homœopathic Association of New South Wales.

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