About the AHA

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Aims & objectives

The Australian Homœopathic Association (AHA) is the largest and only national association of professional homœopaths in Australia, with branches throughout the country, and is a founding member of the International Council for Homeopathy (ICH).

The AHA seeks to:

  • Actively support the growth and integration of homœopathy into Australia’s health care system

  • Provide political and governmental representation regarding issues affecting the homœopathic profession
  • Participate in and promote appropriate research

  • Establish and foster collaborative relationships within the complementary healthcare sector

  • Provide education and information to members and the public

  • Facilitate and provide professional development opportunities

  • Facilitate and grow member participation at all levels of the organisation

  • Ensure members are reliably and regularly informed on issues pertinent to their professional practice

Our values:

  • Transparency, accountability & integrity

  • Fairness and respect for diversity

  • Teamwork and a collaborative approach

  • A commitment to lifelong learning, mentoring & advocacy

  • Open communication and participation

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