How to Become a Member

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To apply for Professional membership

  1. Ensure that you have read the provisions of the AHA's Code of Ethics and Practice ( view here ), so that you are aware of your obligations as a member.

  1. Download the Membership Application Form and complete all applicable sections on pages 1 and 2. Membership Application Form

  1. Obtain a passport photo, and have it certified by a current Professional Member of the AHA. If you do not know a Professional Member, have the photo certified by a Justice of the Peace, by a solicitor, at a police station or by a chartered accountant.

  2. Take a photocopy of your AROH registration certificate.

  3. Complete a cheque or money order to the correct amount (specified on the form) or complete your credit card details on the application form.

Note that Professional Members pay a non-refundable member application fee plus the applicable annual (or half-year) membership fee. If you are unsure about your fee please contact the National Office.

  1. Forward the above information to the address in your state at the bottom of page 1 of the form. The application will be reviewed by the local Branch and, if approved, forwarded to the AHA National Administrator for processing.

If you have any queries about the above procedure, contact the National Administrator.

If you are upgrading from General membership to Professional membership and have any queries about the procedure involved, please contact the National Administrator.

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