Webinar Series: Camilla Sherr - Introducing Hydrogen, Helium, Honey & Pomegranate

Webinar Series: Camilla Sherr - Introducing Hydrogen, Helium, Honey & Pomegranate

Join Camilla Sherr in exploring Hydrogen, Helium, Pomegranate and Honey through her personal experience, provings and cases.  This webinar series is designed to give us a thorough introduction to these medicines so that we can explore them further with the insights we glean.

Further details on each session are listed below. 

4 sessions - 8 CPD points

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Dates & Times:

Tuesdays, 3, 10, 17 & 24 September 2019

ACT, NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic:  5pm-7pm
SA, NT:  4.30pm-6.30pm
WA:  3pm-5pm

Session 1

Session 1 looks at Hydrogen the element, the proving, and cases, with an introduction to the noble gases.  

Jeremy Sherr undertook the proving of Hydrogen in 1992.  He writes, “The idea to prove Hydrogen was first conceived in my mind while investigating the periodic table and its homoeopathic relationships. Elements are the foundation of all things around us, the periodic table being a blueprint of nature. These Elements and their compounds are the mainstay of our homoeopathic materia medica, often the most deep and profound remedies… I …. decided to begin at the beginning, and at the beginning was Hydrogen, the first element, mother of all substance, the most simple manifestation of matter…”.

Session 2

In Session 2 we are introduced to Helium along with the proving and cases. 

Collectively, the noble gases form a family, grouped together not only by their unique placement in the periodic table but by the nature of their proving symptoms. Possessing a full house of protons and electrons, the noble gases have achieved the goal of the fulfilment of a period’s aspiration in the periodic table. They are satisfied and whole in themselves, they exist in stable, inert and isolated glory and have no need of any other element.

Helium was proved by Jeremy Sherr in 1995.  He writes, “Helium is the gateway to the seven noble gases. The noble gases are the key to understanding the periodic table.”

In Camilla's words:  "Hydrogen and Helium are amazing remedies that explore personal potential and one's life mission".

Session 3

Session 3 explores Honey, the proving and cases.  While all homoeopaths are very familiar with the honey bee (Apis mellifica), Camilla will be introducing a new homoeopathic medicine which is already known for its antiseptic and healing properties when taken or applied to the skin in its natural form.

Session 4

Session 4 looks at Pomegranate, the proving and cases. Throughout recorded history Pomegranate (Granatum) has been used as a medicine for a great variety of conditions by different cultures and civilisations. Historical claims are backed up by contemporary clinical research. Camilla will introduce this medicine in its homoeopathic form.

In sessions three and four Camilla will highlight how both Honey and Pomegranate are hormonal medicines that are especially useful during menopause.

About the Presenter:

Camilla Sherr graduated from the Finnish Institute of Homeopathy in 1994 and subsequently attended the Dynamis School in England.  She has taught the full Dynamis course in Finland and has lectured in many countries around the world.

Camilla participated in many of the Dynamis provings and edited Dynamic Provings – Volume 2 and has published articles in European and American journals.  She is the co-founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) with her partner Jeremy Sherr and has been living in Tanzania since 2009 treating people who live with HIV/AIDS.

In 2016 Camilla was awarded a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths (FSHom) in the UK and is currently teaching Dynamis Japan.

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