Choosing a practitioner

To access a good homœopathic practitioner, check that they are registered with the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH). All AHA Professional members are registered with AROH and abide by the register's Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice. AROH registration requires that practitioners are qualified to the national standard, have on-going professional indemnity and public liability insurance, hold a current first aid certificate and undergo regular practitioner development.

It is important to note that a practitioner of naturopathy is not the same as a homœopath. If a person dispenses homœopathic medicines it does not necessarily mean that they are a fully qualified and registered homœopath. Many people mistakenly think that homœopathy and naturopathy are one and the same thing. Naturopathy is a broad-spectrum practice which includes a number of natural therapies, and practitioners are likely to prescribe multiple medicines and treatments such as herbs, nutritional supplements, massage, acupuncture, diet and iridology, and may include some homœopathy as well.


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