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Similia, the peer-reviewed journal of the AHA, has been published since 1988 with the earliest editions going back to the Australian Federation of Homœopaths, the predecessor of the AHA. Similia is listed on the Australian National Library website; it is also indexed in the CINAHL online database and Similia articles are now also available on the EBSCO online database (starting with Vol. 28 No. 2).

Authors from Australia and overseas are invited to submit articles and the focus of the journal is particularly on authors from the Antipodes and South East Asia. All articles are reviewed by a peer review panel before they are released for publication.


AHA Editorial and Publishing Statement

Similia, Journal of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA), is published twice yearly in June and December. In accordance with the AHA Similia Policies and Procedures, the  AHA Code of  Ethics and Practice (October 2016), and in accordance with its ethical and legal obligations, the editorial team has the responsibility to uphold the highest professional standards. Articles are peer reviewed and every effort is made to ensure that content is balanced and represents multiple perspectives. In acknowledging the divergent opinions and perspectives concerning the theory and practice of homoeopathy, the editors determine the composition of each edition. Articles published in Similia do not necessarily represent the views of the editors or the Association.

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