How to Become a Member

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How to Become a Member

The AHA has various membership levels:

  • Professional

  • General

  • Student

  • Corporate

Professional, General and Student memberships last for one year and are renewed at the end of June each year. Anybody who applies in the second half of the membership year (January to June) will pay half of the applicable membership fee for that year.

Professional membership applicants need to have current registration with the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH) and need to submit their application by post to the AHA National Office.

General and Student applications can be completed online at this link:

Students need to supply a copy of their current college enrolment via email to be eligible for Student membership.

The Corporate Membership program has evolved to provide a means for organisations within the global homœopathy sector to give financial support to the AHA and its various initiatives and programs and to receive industry recognition for this support. Corporate memberships can be renewed a year after their start date.

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