Saving Private Health Rebates

Your private health fund rebates can still be saved! Click the link, share your thoughts & YHYC will email Minister Hunt, your State LNP Senators and (if applicable) your LNP Federal member on your behalf. 

Last year thousands of you flooded Health Minister Greg Hunt MP with emails via YHYC, asking him to save rebates. It almost worked: a compromise was about to be made but was quashed due to the LNP leadership spill. We now have another chance!

With the Government facing political annihilation, there is still a window for Minister Hunt to amend the Business Rules to allow insurers to offer rebates. He can do this without going through Parliament - it's up to him and it's that simple. 

All you need to do is click on the link to have your say. Politicians consider 1 personalised message to be worth 100 votes so let them know your concerns. Ask your family and friends to do the same to allow democracy to change this ill-conceived policy.

So far, approximately 6500 emails have been received – so make sure you have your say too, YHYC have made it easy. Many associations are getting behind this campaign.

Click here to email Greg Hunt

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