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Meet our presenters

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Conference website Presenters Peter Berryman

Peter Berryman

ORAL PRESENTATION: Busting the myth of ‘high’ and ‘low’ potencies: how homochords can improve your potency and dosing outcomes

Conference website Presenters Divya Bhatt

Divya Bhatt

Co-authors: Prof George Vithoulkas, Dr Seema Mahesh, Dr Mahesh Mallappa, Dr Viraj Shah

POSTER PRESENTATION: Psoriasis cases with same diagnosis but of different phenotypes — management through individualised homoeopathic therapy

Conference website Presenters Jon Gamble

Jon Gamble

ORAL PRESENTATION: Post viral and long Covid syndromes

Conference website Presenters Sunny Goddard

Sunny Goddard

Co-presenter: Dr Celeste Salter

POSTER PRESENTATION: Creating resilience in our homoeopathy community: the concept of Pods

Conference website Presenters Isaac Golden

Dr Isaac Golden

ORAL PRESENTATION: Prevention, treatment and detoxification options for SARS-CoV-2, shedding, vaccine injury and long Covid

Conference website Presenters Patricia Hatherly

Patricia Hatherly

ORAL PRESENTATION: Inside the mind of the dog… (noble or ignoble?) and the satisfactory resolution of a case of Lyssin

Conference website Presenters Nyema Hermiston

Nyema Hermiston

ORAL PRESENTATION: Causes of childhood autism in plain sight? Current research

Conference website Presenters Michael Higginson

Michael Higginson

ORAL PRESENTATION: Silica cases presented on the basis of perceiving differing fundamental qualities: gel, chip, grit or rock and glass or crystal

Conference website Presenters Michelle Hookham

Michelle Hookham

ORAL PRESENTATION: The homoeopathic counsellor

Conference website Presenters Zilika Jain

Dr Zilika Jain

ORAL PRESENTATION: Respiratory illnesses and their management

Conference website Presenters Dimple Kirplani

Dimple Kirpalani

ORAL PRESENTATION: A case of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis explaining the theory of Levels of Health

Conference website Presenters Jane Lindsay

Jane Lindsay

POSTER PRESENTATION: The water medicine of the Solomons – homoeopathy by numbers

Conference website Presenters Anne MacFarlane

Anne MacFarlane

POSTER PRESENTATION: Tautopathy - a useful tool in homoeopathic practice

Conference website Presenters Shenaz Morkaz

Shenaz Morkas

POSTER PRESENTATION: Treating chronic fatigue by choosing a healthier lifestyle

Conference website Presenters Dr Sujata Naik

Dr Sujata Naik

Co-authors: Linlee Jordan, Runali Kelwalkar, Dr Celeste Salter, Sayali Tilak

POSTER PRESENTATION: Is homoeopathy a viable treatment option for molluscum contagiosum

Conference website Presenters Sarah Penrose

Sarah Penrose

ORAL PRESENTATION: Hormonal disorders and homoeopathy in elite female athletes

Conference website Presenters Celeste Salter

Dr Celeste Salter

Co-authors: Gabrielle Brodie, Michelle Hookham, Sandra Venables

Harnessing insights from inside the homoeopathic profession in Australia

Conference website Presenters Ashraf Sharafi

Ashraf Sharafi

Co-authors: Sunny Goddard, Dr Celeste Salter, Dr Sabina Vatter

‘Irritation on all levels’ - 
A glimpse into our research process of the homoeopathic treatment of urinary tract infection in women in Australia

Conference website Presenters Cherisha Soni

Cherisha Soni

Co-author: Uday Nagarkar

POSTER PRESENTATION: A miasmatic treatment approach for hypothyroidism based on case discussion

Conference website Presenters Peter Tumminello

Peter Tumminello

ORAL PRESENTATION: Plants and structure – the Anacardiaceae

 Conference website Presenters Sarah Valentini

Sarah Valentini

ORAL PRESENTATION: Addressing layers of infection in complex neurodevelopmental children’s cases

Conference website Presenters Sabina Vatter

Dr Sabina Vatter

Co-authors: Linlee Jordan, Dr Celeste Salter

POSTER PRESENTATION: A systematic review determining the amount, focus and nature of homoeopathy research activity in Australia

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